Top Tea Options For Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea

Tea is one of the popular beverages loved by people all across the world. It also serves as a stress reliever. Many people can’t even survive without drinking tea. This tells the popularity of tea and why tea is one of the most ancient and common drinks on the planet. Whenever someone takes a break from work or while working also in the afternoon when you feel lazy you think let’s drink a cup of tea. Earlier, there were limited options but today you can get a huge variety in afternoon tea. Tasting different varieties are more preferred because every variety of tea has its unique taste and benefits in one or another way.

Black Tea For Afternoon Tea Time 

Afternoon Tea

It is one of the most popular tea flavors for afternoon tea time. It is mainly produced in Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, and Sri Lanka and every region produces a different flavor of it and is fully oxidized. Not only in the afternoon but for morning tea time also people mostly prefer drinking black tea as it is very common for a long time.

Mint Tea 

Afternoon Tea

Mint tea is a type of herbal tea that is the best choice for drinking in the afternoon. In summer days when you get exhausted and feel lazy in the afternoon, mint tea will make you refreshed, and also you can pair the mint tea with sweets, fruits, sandwiches, and even cakes.

Rooibos Tea For Afternoon Tea Time 

Rooibos tea is also known as African red tea in some countries because it comes from the South African Red Bush. The process of making this tea is very different from other types as the leaves are grounded and bruised before they are fermented and dried. Also, this tea has a lighter flavor than others and that’s the reason it is the best option for afternoon tea. Popular varieties of rooibos tea are green rooibos and red rooibos.

Green Tea 

It is a healthier option than any other type of tea especially black tea because of less caffeine present in it and that’s the reason it is becoming the most popular tea worldwide. It is made up of camellia sine sis leaves. Different county people use it in different ways like in some countries people typically steam them for a bright green shade and in some countries, people pan fry these leaves for creating a dull green color. If you want to drink something very healthy in your afternoon break, go for it.


For afternoon drinking, there are lots of varieties of teas available in the market but the most popular tea is black tea. Now, green tea is also getting popularity but it hasn’t crossed black tea. People use other varieties of tea for the change of taste or if it is very beneficial for their body but not in a continuous way.

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