Three Different Types of Green Tea That May Help You Manage Diabetes -

Three Different Types of Green Tea That May Help You Manage Diabetes

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There are two basic types of green tea, both from China and also from Japan. Among these various green teas, there are several distinctive types, which are characterized by subtle differences in processing and flavour. The tea leaves used for Long Jing, on the other hand, are harvested twice a year. The difference between these two is the harvesting method.

The Opinions Of The Scientists

There has been much debate over the health benefits of drinking green teas. Scientists have speculated that certain compounds found in these teas may help to slow the ageing process and even stave off certain cancers. Other experts have asserted that the teas have no effect on human health.

Both sides of this debate will have much evidence to support their views. It may be that the health benefits of green tea outweigh the side that says it may help to regulate blood sugar. The polyphenols, or chemicals that have antioxidant qualities, may help to protect cardiovascular tissue. There have been investigations that have indicated that they may help to prevent clots from forming in arteries and that they may also reduce the risk of stroke. Since the regulation of blood sugar may help to prevent heart disease, it could be that these chemicals contribute to the heart health benefits of these teas.

Helps In Controlling Cholesterol Levels

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Those that are concerned with diet and nutrition will be interested in the suggestion that some types of green teas may help to control cholesterol levels. They contain caffeine, which may help to curb appetite and increase the burning of calories. Some research indicates that matcha green tea, which is the most popular type of green tea, contains a compound that can reduce the absorption of lipids and may actually prevent the absorption of fat. While we cannot say for sure whether it has an effect on cholesterol or not, it does appear to be an ingredient that may contribute to a healthier you.

Good For People With Heart Conditions

People who have heart conditions or who are considered to be physically at risk should consider the effect that caffeine has on them. Although coffee is often drunk as a strong beverage, green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine and may be helpful to those with mild heart problems or hypertension. Caffeine is known to increase blood pressure and may be a factor in the development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. If you have had a history of heart disease or high blood pressure, you should contact your doctor before adding green tea to your diet. However, if you are a healthy person with no prior risk factor, you may want to consider incorporating green tea into your daily routine.

Good For Controlling Excessive Dizziness

A final consideration regarding caffeine and these types of teas is the impact that it has on the body’s sleep pattern. Many people who drink caffeinated beverages wake up and cannot get back to sleep. This is because caffeine can cause you to enter a state of excitability, where your body is more sensitive to stimuli than it normally would be. When you are in this state, it takes longer to fall back to a restful state. Since green tea contains caffeine, it may help you fall asleep faster when it is brewed and consumed during the night.

Controls The Blood Sugar Level

One last way that drinking green tea may help you manage diabetes is through its ability to regulate blood sugar. Caffeine can stimulate insulin secretion, which is necessary for keeping glucose levels stable during times when the body is in need of energy. However, caffeine also causes the release of neuropeptide Y, which acts as an antidiuretic. This may be of some benefit in preventing diabetic complications such as blindness from lack of treatment and leg amputation from hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). However, the exact mechanisms by which green tea helps regulate blood sugar is still being studied.

Final Lines

In general, there appear to be several health benefits associated with moderate amounts of consumption of green tea each day. For those who need to curb their appetite, this form of diet may help you achieve your goal. For people who are trying to regulate blood sugar, green tea may help.

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