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Starbucks Tea Drinks – Which Tea to Choose

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If you love coffee then you can make your very own Starbucks tea drinks for yourself. Many people buy Starbucks tea drinks when they travel to Starbucks because the quality is so great. It surprises many people when they hear this because tea drinkers all over the world like their Starbucks beverage with no caffeine. However, I have noticed some people who have to drink Starbucks beverages with no caffeine at all because they dislike tea with any caffeine.

Iced And Hot Tea Drinks

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Now, Starbucks has many iced and hot tea drinks that do not contain caffeine. This is because the caffeine level of the tea itself and the taste depend on the way they process the tea. Because it does not produce herbal tea from Camellia Senensis, which is the main plant used in most teas, it does not contain caffeine either. These are the Starbucks tea drinks you want to drink when you are not drinking a regular cup of coffee, but when you would want to have a great tasting cup of tea.

Matcha Green Tea

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One of the more popular types of herbal teas is the Matcha Green tea. Matcha green tea has a delicate green color to it is a lovely tea to drink with lemon or lime. It is a popular choice because it is milder than green tea and blends well with lemon. The Kuma-zasa variety of tea is another of my favorites because it is slightly bitter and very flavorful. I love to drink this tea as it is a perfect match for the sweet taste of sugar. Some people have said that Kuma-zasa is a gained taste. If you have tried this tea, then you will know why it is such a favorite with some people. However, if you have never had this tea, then you are probably going to have trouble finding a great tasting Kuma-zasa tea to drink with all the sweet flavors available.

Substitute For Kuma-Zasa

An acceptable substitute for Kuma-zasa is one of the Matcha varieties because they have a milder taste than the Kuma-zasa tea. They also have a similar color to Kuma-zasa but are lighter in color and taste. However, because they are still green, you might not like this tea because of the slight bitterness.

Oolong Tea

The last type of tea that Starbucks offers is a brilliant choice is called the Oolong. They have several Oolong varieties to choose from, so you will find one you enjoy drinking. These types of tea have a very strong flavor. There is a reason these types of tea are preferred by some people and not others. There is a reason some people like to have an Oolong tea while other people prefer green tea. It may be the taste of the Oolong or the slightly stronger flavor. You may find that you like the Oolong better than the regular Kona or Green tea because the Oolong is milder in taste and not nearly as strong as the other tea.

Other Tea Varieties

In addition to Oolong, there are other tea varieties available from Starbucks that are great choices for people who like to have an occasional cup of tea. The Lemon Mint tea is one of the most popular selections and it blends well with green tea. I love to drink this tea when I am looking for something mild and refreshing on a hot day.

Vanilla Flavored Tea

Another of the more popular types of tea is the Vanilla flavored tea. They offer several kinds of vanilla teas to choose from, so you should be able to find one to fit your personal taste. If you are looking for something a little stronger than regular green tea, then the Vanilla flavored tea is your best choice.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the different Starbucks tea that are available. There are many others that you can try out that will make you happy with the quality and flavor of your coffee.

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