Some Interesting Facts About Tea That You Must-Know

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Tea is an integral part of people’s lives as in general, the majority of the people start

their day with tea or coffee, right? So, what do you prefer to take in the morning?

Well, today, we will tell you some of the exciting facts about tea that you must not be

aware of. Lets five into the article to know more about it! If you are a tea lover, a great thumbs up! This article is surely for you and if not, then, also, this article will increase your knowledge about the varieties of tea. Tea is a traditional aromatic beverage consumed in several eastern cultures. It is a flavored beverage that comprises endless flavors and terrific fragrances and is made by boiling water, adding the tea leaves or tea bags of your choice. After that, tea releases its memorizing flavor into the water, and here your tea is ready. Now, you can pour it into a cup with the help of a strainer, and here your tea is ready. Now, you can sit and enjoy your tea. 

Wow! However, people have their personalized tea recipe, or you can say they add the magic of personal touch to make it more delicious. Check out interesting facts about tea given below. Hurry up!

Exciting Facts About Tea


● Tea is good for your health

Tea contains polyphenols, wondering what it wants, is it? Polyphenols are

antioxidants that help in repairing cells. It benefits your body to fight several

cardiovascular diseases such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and

additional maladies. Moreover, it is not just that green tea offers these countless

benefits but, the black, red, and white tea also provide health-giving flavonoids and


● 2000, tiny leaves one pound of finished tea

It requires around 2000 small leaves to prepare one entire pound of finished tea. The

Tea plants are grown as wild plants all over Asia but can also be cultivated.

Therefore, the best and delightful shows up with the high elevations and Re

handpicked. Exciting, right?

● Tea is less likely to cause a caffeine crash.

Consuming tea doesn’t cause too much of a caffeine crash as compared to coffee

and soda. Therefore it results in a subtle dose of the carbine in your body, which

makes your system alert for a longer period and avoids a crash at the end of the day.

● For an ideal sleep you tea timings play a crucial role

A decent sleeping time relies on the clarity of tea you are drinking; for instance, if you

are going for a black coffee then, sleeping time is 3-5 minutes, etc.

● Don’t store your tea nearby the coffee

It is said that you must not store tea and coffee together as their flavors and

fragrance vanishes. Thus, to keep it intact, its flavors keep them at a distance.


A hand holding a cup of coffee

Tea consists of its popularity and is liked and sunk by a lot of people from different

parts of the country. It has numerous flavors; each one has its unique, delightful

flavor and essence. Hopefully, you like reading this article and enjoy the above-

mentioned interesting facts about tea. Stay tuned for fascinating stuff like this!

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