Silicone Molds – Design Quickly At Cheap Prices

Silicone Molds - Design Quickly At Cheap Prices

The process of fabricating products using silicone molding has been a long tradition now. However, designing models for casting objects need experience as well as manual work. Overall, it makes the entire process flow and expensive. IST Austria and ISTI-CNR researchers have come up with a new tool that can design silicone molds easily and automatically. Moreover, this tool also delivers templates for “Metamolds.”3D printed molds help in fabricating the optimized silicone molds. Moreover, this method reduces the entire cost of the fabricating technique. This creative technique was brought forward in the SIGGRAPH conference in 2018.

Metamold For Creating Similar Complex Objects

For fabricating a vast range of similar objects, this particular molding technique plays an essential role. Silicon is is the most preferable material for molding because it is deformable. Hence, pretty forgiving for extracting compound objects at the end of the process of fabrication. A specific direction is vital to extract complex objects from the silicone mold. This is necessary to bring out the small pieces or separate them without messing up with the overhanging object parts.

Silicone Molds – No Need Of Experience And Skills

The mold needs careful cutting for optimum output. Till now, this process used to demand manual work from experience craft men. But now, it has been entirely automated. According to Bernd Bickel, silicone molding until now for complex shapes needed experience and was possible to accomplish only with years of experience and polished skills. But the discovery of this new tool makes the process of operating silicone mold accessible for all. There is no need to know about placing the cuts or carefully separating the small pieces, everything can be executed manually.

Silicone Molds – How Can You Make The Shape?

All you need is to upload the shape you want on the system. The tool will first calculate the accurate cuts that need placing for precision. It means safe removal of the tiniest possible small pieces and the complex object from the mold is possible once finished. In the second step, it creates the 3D printable templates automatically. This is a particular container that helps in fabricating the ideal mold pieces. Liquid silicone fills the metamorphosis printed to come up with the final mold pieces that are visible as well as allow casting multiple replicas.

Amazing Technique – Loads Of Expectations

The researchers created this technique with loads of expectation that it will prove to be useful in art and jewelry designing. This is definitely a method of choice when you do not have to produce millions of copies.

You can check out the 3D silicone pastry moldings that are designed using silicone molds. You can give outstanding shapes to your favorite pastries in minutes.

3D Silicone Pastry Moldings

3D Silicone Pastry Moldings

The research director, Paolo Cignoni at ISTI-CNR said that producing a number of replicas is the most interesting part of the overall application. Creating replicas for museums that visitors can handle to enjoy a better experience of the exhibitions is worthwhile.

The final mold pieces can help to develop replicas from different materials. It also includes traditional resin and unconventional options like ice or chocolate.

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