Russian Tea Diet a Healthy Supplement For The Body

russian tea diet

The recent Russian Tea diet Ad started a debate on the benefits of this new drink. To many it is a health elixir that makes us feel better than ever. But to others, it’s not quite what they need in their diet.

The Russian Tea Diet is a healthy tea supplement available as a supplement to a balanced diet. It is a blend of several types of tea and has ten grams of low glycemic index and zero sugar in it. The main purpose of the herbal tea is to naturally regulate the level of sugar in the body. By adding some healthy fats and carbohydrates, the tea helps to burn sugar and fat so that the body will release toxins.

This tea can be made without any added spices, herbs or Cayenne pepper. However, since the Russians were not really fond of Cayenne pepper, they used the pepper on most of their dishes. The flavor of the tea is often good enough on its own, but many enjoy the addition of spices.

If you were to take the average American to supplement the list of ingredients would be far different from the list of ingredients for Russian Tea. Instead of active berry extract, many of the ingredients are based on a combination of green tea and cranberry. The presence of natural fiber is also an added benefit. The benefits of the Russian Tea are not only experienced by the user but also by the body.

So is the basic human need for vitamins and minerals met with this herbal tea?Many times , people consider tea, because it is known that they help with high blood pressure and other inflammative conditions, they think of the health benefits of black and green herb teas. But in reality, the main goal of the tea has nothing to do with general health, but is all about the removal of impurities in the body.

The Russian Tea does not contain any preservatives. A recent study showed that the regular tea drinkers experienced less stomach discomfort. But even the regular drinker saw less stomach upset than the tea drinkers did. Perhaps the tea is doing some good to the body? Perhaps this tea is promoting some well known benefits?

When the tea was tested it was found that the best known positive effect of the tea is reduced blood pressure;

All the tea did was lower the blood pressure level by twenty-five percent. This is not much, but given the fact that regular tea drinkers are twice as likely to have high blood pressure than those that drank this tea, it is a remarkable result. The addition of additional components to the tea may even result in a twenty-five percent drop in blood pressure. In fact, studies show that some of the users have lower blood pressure than those who did not drink the tea.

Another positive effect of the Russian Tea is a reduction in cholesterol. For every hundred milligrams of cholesterol that a person has in their body, one can expect to see a drop of twenty-four percent. The effect of the Russian Tea is noted for both high and low cholesterol levels. The effects of the tea on cholesterol can be astounding.

Does the Russian Tea diet do all of these things and more? Unfortunately, we just don’t know. There are studies that show the benefits of the tea, but there are other studies that contradict these findings. It seems that it is difficult to separate the two. Some believe that the effects are real, and others believe that the effects are illusory.

Another study of the Russian Tea claims that it increases energy. While there are studies that show this can happen, others do not. Some claim that the effect is true, but then there are those that say it is no effect at all; and still others say that the effect was really beneficial.

The jury is still out on the effects of the Russian Tea. The benefits of the tea are too many to ignore dismiss them, but it will take time and more research before the tea can be judged for what it truly is; health food for the body.

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