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Rooibos Tea Benefits – What Are They

rooibos tea benefits

Native North Americans used it as a tea and for a variety of medicinal and health purposes. This powerful herbal tea is considered the red bush tea by some tribes. Others call it Gotu Kola while the pronunciation of the name Rooibos is similar to the word “ridge-bush”. The leaves are often dried to make a white tea, which has now extended beyond the boundaries of North America.

Best Choices For Increasing Energy, Improving Mood, Reducing Anxiety And Improving Sleep

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This powerful herbal blend has become known as one of the best choices for increasing energy, improving mood, reducing anxiety and improving sleep. If you are looking for an herbal supplement that contains no caffeine, has little to no sugar, no artificial additives or ingredients and is naturally caffeine free, then Rooibos tea benefits may be the perfect choice for you. You can find rooibos teas and blends available online and in health food stores. Many people also prefer to make their own Rooibos tea.

As the leaves of the red bush rooibos grow, they produce a black tea, much like a black tea. Some manufacturers have blended green tea and rooibos tea benefits to come up with a special green tea blend, called green rooibos tea. However, green tea is another natural source of caffeine and as such, have its own set of potential risks and benefits. This tea is usually not used as a daily beverage. Instead, it is usually enjoyed in the evening or late at night.

Studies Done On Rooibos Tea Benefits

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There have been a number of studies done on rooibos tea benefits. One study comparing drinking green tea with taking an antidepressant showed that people who drank the tea had fewer negative side effects than those who took the antidepressant. The reduction in depression symptoms was noted in women but not in men. This study is important because it indicates that the tea has some potential benefit in treating certain disorders.

Help You Lose Weight

In addition to the possible reduction of depression, some evidence suggests that adding rooibos tea benefits to your diet can help you lose weight. Research is unclear on this claim but it may be true. It seems that by decreasing the amount of serotonin in the body, drinking the tea may help stimulate the area in the brain that controls blood flow. By increasing blood flow to the skin, rooibos tea helps to keep your skin healthy. Another area where it may help you lose weight is your heart. People who drink the tea seem to have less heartburn and appear to have lower levels of bad cholesterol.


As you can see, the possible benefits of rooibos tea are more than just its mild diuretic effect. It is packed with nutrients and can help you to lose weight. If you are suffering from constipation, you should drink the tea as often as possible. Its high concentration of antioxidants will boost your immune system, and this will keep you healthy.

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