Relationship Advice On Tea - Tips To Keep Yourself And Other People Calm With Tea -

Relationship Advice On Tea – Tips To Keep Yourself And Other People Calm With Tea

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Most of us would have a difficult time explaining to our friends and family members just how angry we get when drinking tea. Tea seems to offer us a certain amount of peace and tranquility in an otherwise stressful day. However, for most people, drinking a cup of tea is simply part of their normal routine. The problem is that for some, particularly those who are unable to control their anger, too much of this may be the trigger that leads to a break-down.

One reason that it is very easy to develop problems when drinking tea, especially when having a few drinks, is that caffeine affects the central nervous system. In fact, caffeine can cause the heart to beat faster and blood pressure to rise. It can also cause drowsiness, which means you may find yourself falling asleep sooner rather than later. And for some individuals, the jitters that they experience when they drink caffeine lead them to feel more irritable.

You Can Keep Your Temper Under Control

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It is possible to keep your temper under control by learning to control your consumption of tea. This will enable you to enjoy your cup of tea more fully and will allow you to carry on enjoying it in moderation. Like, instead of having two cups of coffee every morning, you can opt for a cup of tea. A half or quarter cup of decaf tea on the other hand can still help you to remain calm. As long as the level of caffeine is not too high, you should be able to avoid the symptoms associated with too much caffeine consumption such as anxiety and shakes.

There are ways to reduce your level of caffeine intake so that you can better control your temper. One option is to make sure you do not have too many drinks too often. When you drink too much tea, the caffeine affects your central nervous system and makes you become angry. Drinking a glass of water instead of coffee or tea promptly after meals can help to reduce your anger. This allows your body time to cool down and your system to hopefully return to a more balanced state.

Keep Track Of How Much Tea You Drink

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Another way to keep your temper in check when you drink tea angrily is to make sure you keep track of how much you drink. You should make a record of how much tea you consume throughout the day and also keep a diary of your emotions. The last thing is to get into a negative cycle whereby you become angry because you are unable to control your consumption of tea. Once you have worked out what triggers your anger, you can then plan ways to limit your consumption of coffee or tea and you can also make sure that you do not drink when you are likely to be angry. This can help to ensure that you do not get angry at the slightest provocation and this can significantly improve your relationship with your body.

You may also want to take a look at the level of phlegm or mucus, your body produces when you become angry. High levels of phlegm or mucus are very similar to the symptoms that are caused by high levels of caffeine. Therefore, if you often find yourself getting angry over issues which you know you can control, try drinking a cup of warm tea and reducing the level of caffeine you take. Not only will this help to keep your temper in check but it will also reduce the amount of mucus your body creates and so reduce the number of times you become angry. However, if you find that your problem persists despite taking these measures, you should seek medical advice.

If you do decide that you need to drink a lot of tea when you feel angry, try to consume it in the afternoon rather than before bed. The reason for this is that it is generally more relaxing and restful in the afternoon. Also, it has been shown that caffeine makes your body feel less tense and can help you to remain calm when you feel tense. Therefore, if you are feeling particularly stressed over an issue, you should drink a cup of hot tea and it can help you relax and settle down.

Bottom Line

While there are many different ways that drinking coffee or tea can help improve your relationship, the final result is not one that will be easy to achieve. You need to exercise control over the amount of caffeine you consume and ensure that you drink it in a controlled manner. This will help to keep your anger in check and can also help to ensure that you do not have a caffeine-related breakdown.

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