How to Brew a Taro Milk Tea

taro milk tea

A delicious, refreshing tea that has gained popularity in South Africa, is Taro Milk Tea. This quick & simple recipe calls for just 4 simple ingredients to create a delightful cup of taro milk tea at the ease of your own home. Made using condensed milk and taro powder, this simple yet elegant beverage is the ideal way to kick-start your morning on a mildly sweet note. With its exotic flavor, high antioxidant content, and availability at reasonable prices, Taro Milk Tea is a must-have in your kitchen.

An Overview

Taro Milk Tea

To prepare this simple but delectable beverage, first you need to gather up four cups of fresh taro, which can be either skinless or slightly cooked. In order to prepare the beverage, place one cup of dry taro in a pot with one tablespoon of distilled water. Fill another tablespoon of water in a saucepan with a lid and bring to a boil. Remove the lid and let the mixture simmer for about five minutes, stirring occasionally. Once you notice that the mixture is heating up, add one tablespoon of condensed milk and blend it completely until it reaches the desired consistency. Then, choose your preferred variety of green tea and pour it into a mug, reserving about a tablespoon worth of leaves for later use.

If you wish to enjoy a delicious cup of tea throughout the day, you may want to substitute your prepared beverage with one of the various varieties of boba powder. There are actually a wide range of green teas that can be used as base ingredients for making this drink. One of the most popular ones is known as Puerh tea, a popular addition to tea parties due to its rich, robust taste. You may also substitute black tea (or any dark roast) for taro milk tea, depending on your taste. In fact, you can even make taro milk and tea blends to drink during the day, such as in the afternoon after you complete your daily tasks.

Brewing A Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

There are two main ways to prepare taro milk tea made from the root. The first method involves steeping the taro root for a few minutes to extract the flavorful oils. You will need about six cups of the beverage. Bring the pot of root to a boil and then switch off the flame. Allow the root to steep for about a minute.

For the second method of preparing taro milk tea, add two teaspoons of Jasmine tea leaves and cover the pot with some ice. Add about two cups of the prepared beverage and let it steep for approximately five minutes. Drink up! This tea is served cold.

To make taro bubble tea, use a blender. Combine four cups of water, one and a half teaspoons of sugar, one and a half teaspoons of loose tea leaves, and half a teaspoon of jasmine oil. Put the contents in a large blender and blend until the sugar is dissolved. Add the taro and jasmine oils to the mixture and let it stand for at least three minutes.

Strain the mixture and pour it into your teapot. Place the lid on it and let it steep for about an hour. The longer you let the drink stand, the fuller and creamier it becomes. Strain the liquid again and pour it into your cup again. If the flavors are too overpowering, add more honey syrup to taste.

Bottom Line

The final step in making this delectable black tea is to carefully blend the contents into a fine mesh vessel using a wire whisk. Heat the water in your stove and bring it to a boil. Add the taro milk tea and stir until it dissolves completely. Add the boiled water to the mesh cup and gently swirl to mix all the ingredients together.

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