Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea - Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea -

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

benefits of cinnamon tea

The taste of this exotic tea is almost minty and spicy. It is a great tea for people who need a little extra zing in their lives. Many health benefits of cinnamon tea have been discovered over time by scientists. Here are just a few:

Health Benefits

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Hot tempered drinks always taste good and cinnamon tea sticks are no exception. There are actually two kinds of cinnamon available to make this super-charged tea. Cassia cinnamon is probably the most popular type of cinnamon used worldwide.

CINNAMON tea is made from cinnamon sticks or pieces that have been rolled into a flat disk. Hot water is first boiled with the cinnamon stick in it, allowing for the stick to release its flavor into the hot water. This delicious beverage is then served with a sweetener such as honey or even sugar. The amount of sweetener will depend on your taste, but most prefer a little over the top.

Contains A Very Powerful Natural Ingredient

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CINNAMON tea contains a very powerful natural ingredient that is known as Piperine. This natural ingredient is believed to enhance the immune system, regulate blood pressure and stimulate gastrointestinal and reproductive functions. Research has shown that cinnamon increases levels of several cytokines, or chemicals that help the body fight disease. These include interleukin (IL) 2, interferon-gamma (IFG), interleukin (E) 2, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). The levels of cytokines may help regulate the production of other chemicals such as cortisol, which helps regulate the immune system and has been shown to decrease inflammation.

Cinnamon has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels. Some people do not like the taste of sugar, so if you are one of those people, you can enjoy this health benefits of cinnamon tea without putting your sugar intake to the test. You will want to use organic maple syrup, which can be purchased at most health food stores or online. To reduce the number of calories you take in, do not overindulge, as the sweetness of the drink is offset by the sugar content. Drink two cups with organic sugar.


Cinnamons also contain a group of flavonoids called polyphenols. Polyphenols have been linked to a variety of health benefits including anti-cancer activity and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. One of polyphenols in cinnamon tea is quercetin, which has been found to be very effective at combating free radicals. The chemical compound, quercetin, is thought to prevent free radical damage by neutralizing free radicals that cause cell damage and oxidative stress. It also boosts the immune system.


Although there are many health benefits of Cinnamon Tea, it is best to use pure ground cinnamon, as the hot beverage can sometimes cause allergic reactions if you are sensitive to the spice. Do not take ground cinnamon with meals until the tea has cooled down. Cassia and golden seal are also great spice additions to the recipe. The nutritional value of this tea can be enhanced by including lemon juice, honey and fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.

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