Having Green Tea For Your Health

Having Green Tea For Your Health

Green tea is among the healthiest drinks of all time. If you want a high amount of antioxidant, then you should definitely start to have this healthy drink. This tea contains lots of polyphenols. The antioxidant we get from this tea helps us to prevent our cell damage. Studies are showning that green tea consumption can reduce lung, breast, skin, esophageal, colon, and bladder cancer- risk.

1. Promotes Weight Loss

The green tea can play an important role in your quest for losing weight. As in this tea, caffeine and flavonoids are present, it helps to increase a person’s metabolic rate as well as fat oxidation. It also improves insulin activity. If you drink this tea instead of any other sugared drink, you will save yourself from consuming many calories. Just ensure that you are not having it with sugar or honey.

2. Prevents Cancer

It actually reduces various cancer risks in people. As there are polyphenols inside this tea, it kills cancerous cells and also prevents them from further growing. However, how much it works is not yet revealed entirely. The results are mostly mixed. We know that this tea can aid healthy cell to grow.

3. Good For Heart Health

People die from cardiovascular diseases. However, this tea prevents the mortality rate of people from heart disease. If you drink it for 5 or more times every day, you risk of getting heart disease will reduce. So, if you consume the hot drink, your heart will get better.

4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

When you consume tea, it affects your cholesterol levels in a positive way. It will improve artery function, increase good HDL cholesterol. Apart from that, it also blocks bad LDL cholesterol oxidation. Do you know that the tea reduces hypertension risk to a greater extent of regular consumers of it?

5. Reduce Stroke Risk

If you want to keep yourself away from having a stroke, consume green tea daily. It reduces risk. Those who drink it every day they have 20-30% less risk of getting a stroke. When you include this tea in your diet, it leads towards a positive lifestyle change. Your chance of living longer extends.

6. You Look Younger

If you daily drink green to without honey or sugar, it can rejuvenate your skin. The polyphenols in green tea have an extremely high therapeutic effect on the skin. The green tea prevents free radical generation in the skin as well as reduces inflammation related to ultraviolet ray.

7. Green Tea Reduces Neurological Disease Risks

Studies have shown that this tea has the capability to reduce risks of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Chinese Green Tea Seeds

Get these homegrown green tea seeds to plant in your garden. The germination process will take 4 weeks. So now you can grow your own green tea at your place. There is no doubt that the green tea can boost your health in many ways. It lowers LDL cholesterol level as well as great for weight loss. These seeds are known as camellia sinensis. You must put the seeds in sandy and well-drained soil which must be on the acidic side. When the plant becomes 3 years old, it reaches its maturity. You can harvest the tea leaves to enjoy your home-grown tea.

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