Green Tea Extract Benefits – Fight Wrinkles And Look Gorgeous

green tea extract benefits

Green tea extract is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, which has a long history of healthy use in many parts of Asia; though its first proven usage originated in ancient Chinese use. Green tea is in fact made from two different leaves used in tea: black tea and white tea. While black tea was thought of as an effective mild laxative and even stimulant for those who were recovering from illness, white tea was a favorite beverage for health buffs and others who wanted to stay fit. Modern research has shown that green tea extract contains antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and slow down the aging process.

Enhance Cardiovascular Health

Green Tea

What kind of cardiovascular health can we gain from green tea extract benefits? One of the biggest benefits of this superfood is its ability to enhance cardiovascular health. It seems that it can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate while boosting endurance and strength. It may even help to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Though more research needs to be done, many people find that drinking this beverage on a regular basis can help them maintain a healthier heart.

The second main benefit of taking green tea extract benefits is the effect it has on the liver. In particular, it can help to improve the function of the liver; making it more able to remove toxins from the body. In particular, the toxins that build up in the liver can contribute to the formation of some forms of cancer. By improving liver function, you may be able to avoid having to experience some of the negative side effects of these toxins.

Effect Of Green Tea Extract Benefits 

Green Tea

How about the effect of green tea extract benefits on reducing the growth of cancer cells? The ingredient EGCG is one of the compounds responsible for this. When the EGCG is able to enter cells, it activates the enzyme anahata which breaks down the scar tissue in cancer cells. This means that it will be easier for these cells to be destroyed when they are taken out of the body.

 The Anti-aging Process

Now, the third major component of green tea extract benefits is the anti-aging process. It has been proven that antioxidants can help to keep skin looking young and healthy. While there are many products that contain high concentrations of antioxidants, most of them have not been proven to work very well at all. EGCG though is different. It contains highly concentrated antioxidants that can work with the skin’s layers to slow down the aging process.


If you are looking for an effective night time moisturizer, you should definitely look into the wonderful green tea extract blend that contains Grape Seed Oil. This is a very special extract that has been proven to have the ability to slow down the development of new wrinkles. Grape seed oil is one of the most powerful natural ingredients that you can put on your face, because of its high vitamin E content. In addition to that, there are other ingredients that work together with grape seed oil to provide you with wrinkle-fighting properties. All of these ingredients combine to give you soft, smooth skin. As an added bonus, all of these ingredients are very gentle, making them safe to use every day.

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