Ginger and Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits

lemon and ginger tea benefits

Allow me to skip to the really good stuff: Lemon and ginger tea benefits. Ginger is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps make you more resistant to disease. Ginger is also known as Guggulu and has been used since ancient times as a medicinal herb. It can stimulate the immune system and increase energy. The combination of these two herbs, in this tea, makes a potent force against viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and even against cancer cells.

An Overview

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Ginger and Lemon Tea benefits can also be gained from the consumption of raw honey. Raw honey has been proven to have some antibacterial properties, which can benefit the immune system, as well. The combination of lemon and ginger in a delicious hot water drink provides you with a powerful dose of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that improve health all day long.

Lemon and ginger tea reduces nausea. One study performed at the University of Illinois’ College of Medicine found that ginger tea reduces nausea in people with irritable bowel syndrome. Of course, this should not come as a surprise to anyone who has ever consumed a glass of lemon tea after a large meal.

Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits

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Lemon tea also has anti-inflammatory benefits. Ginger works as a natural anti-inflammatory by relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract, while lemon works as an antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory properties are very important when you consider how much stress you can put on the body from diseases like arthritis and heart disease. The combination of lemon and ginger in lemon ginger tea helps lower the body’s inflammation levels, which can help fight these and many more diseases. Just drink lemon tea, and you will feel better.

Improved immunity. Research at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom found that drinking lemon ginger tea reduced the number of bugs that showed signs of allergy in children. This may sound surprising to many people, but when you consider that one in four children suffer from some form of allergy, and one in six children under the age of five are likely to develop allergies sometime during their lives, this becomes very understandable. Drinking lemon tea or taking supplements of ginger and lemon seems like a great way to strengthen your immune system. It is well-known that the immune system is responsible for fighting infection, and lemon and ginger supplements have been shown to be very effective against viruses and bacteria.

Improved digestion. Lemon and ginger tea benefits also extend to improved digestion. When the stomach’s contents are acidic, they can lead to bloating and constipation. Drinking lemon or ginger tea can help move things along by neutralizing the acid and allowing the food to be digested properly.

Improved immunity. Research has shown that lemon and ginger tea benefits also extend to an improved immune system. This is because the tea contains catechins, which are natural immune system boosters. One theory behind this is that when ginger and catechins are consumed together, the body can learn how to make use of them more effectively. Over time, this can provide a boost to your immune system, making you more able to fight off illness.

Bottom Line

Of course, not all tea benefits can be traced to research. Green tea is another popular drink that is believed to be good for your health. But, like many of the tea benefits, there is much research that indicates green tea is actually quite harmful to your body if you drink too much of it. If you do decide to drink green tea, you should be sure to drink it in the recommended amounts. You can get free information on the dangers of green tea and on the benefits of lemon ginger tea online.

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