Getting A Glass Pitcher To Sip Green Tea For Caffeine

Getting A Glass Pitcher To Sip Green Tea For Caffeine

When you love to sip some green tea for caffeine, you should get yourself a pair of elegant Glass Kettle Pitcher.

Glass Kettle Pitcher

If you love to drink green tea for caffeine content, then you would also love to have a glass kettle pitcher to pour it. A glass kettle pitcher looks very slick, and it has an elegant design. You can pour both cold and hot drinks at different times. You can even place it over direct heat of an electric maid. The design of the kettle pitcher is very smooth, and the large spout helps to pour tea without dripping and leaking of any tea. It comes with a stainless-steel vortex filter. It is easy, as well as very delightful to use. The 1500ml pitcher is a small one, and if you drink less green tea for caffeine, then you can order it. For ardent tea lovers, there are 1800ml ones.

Glass Teapot

You probably have felt bored with the old-fashioned teapot. If that’s the case, you need to move to a newer, slicker one. So, let’s make way for the modern day, sophisticated Glass Kettle Pitcher. Now it will grab the attention of many in your tea party with its elegant design. You probably are amazed by its beautiful design and all the features, now guests will also get awestruck. It is quite obvious as very few time teapots can become exciting. So, why not own 1-2 sets of Glass Kettle Pitcher to be amazed and pour down your favorite green tea for caffeine consumption. After noticing it in your place, your friends will get their set also. You will become the trendsetter.

Functionality & Design

The purpose of the teapots’ design is elegance that comes with the smooth shape. The slim feature of the handgrip brings up sophistication to the look of the kettle pitcher. With each pour, you will feel satisfied because of the luxury feel. As the spout design is large, you can smoothly pour tea without any leak or drip of water. You can use the glass pitcher easily as it has a 304 stainless steel vortex filter.

It might be a teapot, but it can also hold any type of hot or cold drinks. The temperature of the drinks stays the same for longer than the usual time. This is possible as it is made with thicker borosilicate glass. Apart from that, you can heat the Glass Kettle Pitcher directly in an electric maid. So, you can boil the tea in the pitcher also.

You will get this set in two different sizes as well as capacity. The height and width of the 1500ml Pitcher is 21.5 cm and 11.5 cm respectively. However, the 1800ml one has the height and width of 24.3 cm and 13 cm, respectively. Choose the one that you think will be suitable for the guests.

So, next time if you are planning for a house warming party, you can buy some of these Glass Pitchers to serve your tea. You can also gift someone with the set of these pitchers as a holiday gift or a gift for house warming party. The receiver will feel amazed to get it, and he or she will love it also. You can also gift it to yourself and for next get together to use it with elegance.

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