Food Colors For Cookie Decorating

Food Colors For Cookie Decorating

There are a lot of fun and interesting food colors to use when decorating cookies. In fact, these days’ food colors are in such demand that there are even cookie decorating companies that specialize in only selling the food colors. Just think about it: food colors can add so much flavor to your baked goods. It may not be the best choice to go with the traditional green and yellow, but the fact is that there are plenty of really great food colors that will keep you coming back for more.

Yellow is, by far, the most popular color to use for cookies. Yellow is very versatile, but if you look carefully at the cookies that your child likes, you will find that they have a distinctively “yummy” smell. In fact, if you look closely, you will even see a yellow color to the paper when you hold them up to alight. We’ve all heard that food can stain our hands. Well, it’s the same thing with food colors. If you are using food colors to decorate your cookies, you should make sure that your hands are clean when you touch them.

Food Colors For Cookie Decorating
Food Colors For Cookie Decorating

Certain foods react to different colored paper. If you look at yellow and green cookies, you will notice that they have an odd effect on them. The color green looks green on green paper, but yellow and red look brown when you use those colors.

While blue and orange are mostly used for candy and candies, but sometimes you’ll see these colors used for cookies as well. They make your cookies more vibrant, and they also will help to give them a darker and more intense appearance.

Best Food Colors To Use

The best colors to use for chocolate chips are not generally the ones that are used for gourmet cookies. The two main types of chocolates are dark and light, and if you are going to use the chocolate chips in your cookies, you want to choose the dark ones.

Browns are more often used for cookies than for other foods because they don’t tend to stick to the cookies as well as they do to gourmet cookies. Dark chocolate chips tend to look like the browns.

Peaches, oranges, pinks, and yellows can be used to brighten up any baked cookies. However, to use these colors successfully, the cookies that you are decorating should not be too sweet. The cookies should not be too dark, either.

Adding Lots Of Fruit

Adding lots of fruit is not only fun, but it can be very helpful in helping to liven up any cookies that you are decorating. If you are using chocolate or jelly with a variety of fruits, you can end up creating a truly awesome look for your cookies.

You might think that dark-colored food would work better with lighter colors, but that is not always the case. Blue and yellow should be used with blue and yellow, and darker colors should be used with lighter colors. The same is true of chocolate.

Keep in mind that different food colors will have different effects on different cookies. If you are decorating cookies that you intend to eat right away, a little color will be nice, but if you are decorating cookies that you intend to save and bring out for later, a little darker color will be perfect.

Food Colors For Cookie Decorating
Food Colors For Cookie Decorating

Wrapping Up

Cookie cutters come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them are designed for cleaning, while others are simply designed for cutting the cookie dough. There are lots of different shapes that you can use for cookie cutters, including round, square, heart, diamond, oblong, diamond square, square oblong, diamonds, and more.

Be sure that you choose a cookie cutter that will fit your cookie perfectly. If you get a cookie-cutter that is too small, you will have a hard time decorating the cookies. Also, don’t forget to check the instructions on the cookie cutter to make sure that you are using it correctly.

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