Finding The Best Types Of Black Tea - Finding The Best Types Of Black Tea -

Finding The Best Types Of Black Tea

different types of black tea

Black tea, also known as black leaf tea and English tea, is a variety of tea produced in China. It differs from its Chinese counterpart in that it has no additives or fermentation added to the leaves. Because of this, black teas are often stronger than other teas. They are also of a much higher grade than many of the teas on the market. However, the key to enjoying these teas is learning to understand them and enjoy them. For some, they may seem complicated or weird at first, but with some patience and study you will learn to appreciate them for their natural flavor and aroma.

There are four main types of black teas, and there are also a number of sub-types and blends of each type. They are: Jasmine black tea, Lishan black tea, Sheng Pu tea, and Xian tea. Each of these has a number of different characteristics that are important to look for. The characteristics pertain to the age of the plant, the method in which it is processed, and its unique taste.

Jasmine Tea

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Jasmine tea is the most common black tea, and it is a fairly light tea. It is a cross between green and black teas, and it is usually aged in Chinese weather. This makes it lighter and less stable than many of the other types. While it may not be an appropriate choice for someone who is new to tea, those who have come to enjoy the flavor find it to be delicious.

Lishan Tea And Sheng Pu Tea

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Lishan tea and Sheng Pu tea are black teas that come from the Lishan region of China. They are aged for a longer period of time in Chinese weather, and the production of these two varieties often uses organo and then wine. They are full-bodied, spicy teas that pair well with many different types of food. They are best enjoyed when they are young and are not suited for those looking for a gentle alternative.


Kuma-zasa is a type of Japanese black tea. It has a light color, which does not interfere with the flavor, but it is a lighter tea than most types of black teas. It is a cross between green and black teas, and it is also aged in Japanese weather. This means that it will have a slightly different flavor than you would get from an aged variety. Because of the light flavor, however, it pairs well with many dishes.

Sencha, Or Mountain Tea

Sencha, or mountain tea, is a variety of Japanese black tea that is produced on a mountain near the town of Shichi-Go-San. Senchas are full-bodied, powerful teas that taste a bit like plums themselves. They are a good choice for breakfast, as well as for any time of day. Because of the way that Sencha is processed, it pairs well with cheese, cream, or fruit juices.

If you enjoy robust flavors, Udon is a good choice. It is the name given to a very thin soup-like tea, which can be had hot or iced. It has a lightly roasted flavor that is not too strong and has a lightly steamed texture. It pairs well with many things, including white cheesecake, and it is a good option for those who want to enjoy a lighter tea without going over the top.

Final Words

If you’re looking for more exotic varieties of black tea, look no further than kelp. This beverage is called Wulong Tea, and is actually a plant belonging to the same family as spinach and seaweed. The plant itself is rarely dried out, and it contains high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants can help to protect your body against free radicals. Free radicals are created by things such as pollution, smoking, and sun exposure, and they can cause damage to your cells and lead to aging.

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