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Facts About Tea – All Information You Should Know

“Simmering Facts About Tea” is a new e-book by Mike & Margie Lucas. It is aimed at making common sense accessible to people who are not used to making logical decisions. It is true that people who are ill-informed about important issues tend to become so. By preparing facts about tea in a logical way, we can get rid of such ill-informed tendencies.

Facts About Tea - All Information You Should Know
Facts About Tea – All Information You Should Know

Boiling And Straining

A simple process of boiling and straining is sufficient to make a good batch of tea. The tea should be used within the following time frame: heated and cooled, then allowed to cool to room temperature, then frozen or dried to dryness. Then the tea should be strained to remove the seeds. The leaves should be placed in plastic bags and stored for use during the winter season. In fact, this is a very good way to store them.

But it is very common to use hot tea as per our fancy. People prefer to brew it or serve it with milk or lemon. We then pour it into cups and served cold. And the problem is that they leave them in the strainer for too long. So, they retain much of the coffee flavour.

“Simmering Facts About Tea” is designed to make people aware of these problems. It is a guide that helps people to prepare good quality tea, based on the general facts that are relevant.

Mike’s research shows that three to four seconds from steeping is the period when the liquid has left the leaves. It does not necessarily mean that after steeping it should not be kept in the cup. In fact, a liquid can remain in the cup for a longer period if it is made sure of the amount of time it should stay. After steeping, the tea leaves should be placed in water and allowed to remain there for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Soaking Leaves

In addition, you should always soak the leaves in water for two minutes. Do not leave them for five minutes. All other parts of the tea should be included with the leaves. Only after the leaves have soaked do you add the other ingredients. Thus, only after the leaves have soaked, do you prepare the tea.

In fact, the fact that the leaves need to be soaked is not the only aspect that is relevant. Soaking the leaves alone will not ensure good quality. How many times have you found in green tea that tasted fine when only you had drunk it, but later found out that the green tea was sold as black tea. This is because it was left for too long in the water. The leaves retained a lot of the coffee flavour.

To reduce the chances of tea becoming contaminated with traces of caffeine, a hot water rinse before use should be done. There are also additives that help the tea retain its flavour.

The fact that tea leaves should be allowed to steep and simmer together is another factor that is relevant. Steeping is done first. If you need to use the tea soon, it is best to strain it. Otherwise, it would get too sweet.

The Coffee Flavour

Some people like to drink tea in tea leaves and other people are content with only a few drops of the coffee flavour added to the tea. They generally go by the number of drops needed to taste good. To flavour it, you can add other flavours. For example, there are many people who like milk but have been known to choose one particular flavour of milk to add to the tea, to taste good.

Similarly, people are more conscious about the effect of adding the coffee flavour to the tea leaves. If one goes to the trouble of making the tea, some people like to drink it without any added flavour. Others want to make it taste as much like coffee as possible.

Facts About Tea - All Information You Should Know
Facts About Tea – All Information You Should Know

In short, you can use the above info to prepare a good cup of tea. Many things can go wrong with tea brewing. These are basic facts about tea, and you can use them to ensure that your tea will taste as well as it is supposed to.

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