Discovering The Many Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea - Discovering The Many Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea -

Discovering The Many Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

benefits of chamomile tea

Chamomile has been known as a natural way to help treat insomnia for many years. In fact, many people use chamomiles as an alternative to sleeping medications. Although the American Herbalists Association recommends caution when using herbal remedies such as chamomiles, they are very popular. For those who are still unsure of the benefits of chamomile tea, here is an overview of the benefits of chamomile tea. How will these benefits of chamomile tea help you?

There are numerous studies that have been done to test the effects of sleep and how it affects the body. The scientific results show that chamomiles may help induce sleep because of the relaxation that it causes. The other compounds found in chamomile tea also helps fight cold, flu, sinus problems, eventually, relieving blockage in the airways.

Fighting Free Radicals

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Chamomile can also help fight free radicals that can be caused by environmental factors, such as chemicals found in the air. Some of these free radicals, known as oxidative stress, can lead to heart disease and cancer.

The antioxidants found in tea may help to remove these free radicals. Many people believe that drinking tea will remove the toxins that are often associated with aging. Studies have shown that antioxidants found in the tea are able to reduce the aging process.

Stress Is A Major Factor

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Stress can be a major factor in causing fatigue, headaches, as well as insomnia. The scientific evidence does show that chamomiles contain compounds that can assist in reducing high levels of stress. The daily consumption of herbal tea can assist the body in handling stress by providing relaxation.

Some of the compounds in chamomile tea contain catechin polyphenols, quercetin, and other antioxidants. These compounds are considered to be powerful antioxidants which are able to combat free radicals, which have been linked to cancer.

Chamomile has soothing properties in the body and it is able to soothe inflammation. It has been used for hundreds of years in Europe and is still widely used today because of its soothing properties. The calming properties of chamomile tea helps reduce the swelling and redness associated with inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis.

Drinking Daily

In addition to the health benefits of drinking chamomile tea on a daily basis, the herb has several unique benefits as an anti-inflammatory property. Chamomile contains a compound called quercetin which is an anti-inflammatory that works to help reduce pain and inflammation. This is achieved by binding to and then prohibiting the release of chemicals that cause inflammation.

It also aids in the blocking of prostaglandins, which are important in causing pain. For those individuals suffering from arthritis, chamomiles tea can provide significant relief of the pain associated with the disease.

Other benefits of chamomile tea effects that are helpful for overall health include the reduction of certain types of cancer. Quercetin that is found in chamomiles acts against tumor cells. This is due to the antioxidant properties of the herb.

Reducing Cancer Growth

Studies have shown that drinking four cups each day of herbal tea can greatly reduce the growth of certain types of cancer. Two specific cancers that have been shown to be reduced in different studies include colon and breast cancer.

Other types of cancer including leukemia and lymphoma have also been shown to be reduced by regular consumption of herbal teas.


To get maximum benefits of chamomile tea, it is recommended that this herb is sipped in its natural form. When brewing a pot of this herbal brew, use a good quality cup at a minimum. Adding fresh flowers to the pot will provide a flavorful kick that many find delightful when drinking their cup of tea. For an added treat, steep some fresh flowers in a cup of hot water and add this to the brew for a delicious treat.

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