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Different Varieties Of Ice Tea Drinks

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Iced tea has long been enjoyed, particularly by young and old alike. Although traditionally served in a glass to keep its icy quality, it can now refer to any cold tea which has been slightly cooled or compressed. It can be sweetened using sugar, honey and/or fruit slices. Iced tea can be found in many flavors. Some are sweeter than others. These include Hazelnut Iced Tea and Irish Cream Iced Tea.

Different Ice Tea Drinks

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Hazelnut Iced Tea is made by adding three tablespoons of softened cream and one tablespoon of chopped hazelnuts to boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool down to approximately room temperature then strain into a container. Sweeten it with some sugar or honey.

Irish Cream Iced Tea is also known as Irish coffee and is very similar to the Irish cream soda. It is made by combining one teaspoon of dry cream, one and a half teaspoons of heavy cream or half-and-half milk and three or four tablespoons of coarsely ground sugar. Bring to a gentle boil and let steep for around five minutes. Drink up! It can be sweetened using sugar, honey and/or additional milk. There are many variations on the recipe, including adding Irish cream to lemonade or orange juice.

Apple Iced Tea is another popular type of ice tea drink. It is made by steeping two or more fresh apples in hot water for about twenty minutes. Add sugar to taste. It can be added to tea or mixed with juice. It is also known as ‘tart’ or ‘apple cider’ tea due to the unsweetened nature of the apple.

Cherry Iced Tea is an exotic variety of ice tea drinks that was created in Sri Lanka. The name of the drink is ‘cherry ice tea’. Since the drink contains a considerable amount of cherry essence, it is sometimes called ‘cherry tea’. This is a very strong flavored tea, which is often consumed with either sweetener or a little ice.

Watermelon Iced Tea is very popular. It is a refreshing summery drink that is light on the stomach. It is made by steeping sliced watermelons in crushed ice. Adding lemon or lime juice helps sweeten this drink. Watermelon ice tea drinks can be enjoyed any time of the day; however, as an alternative to ice tea drinks, watermelon flavored tea can be enjoyed during the summer as it is both cooling and flavorful.

Fruit Iced Tea is yet another variation of the ice tea drink. Made from frozen fruits, this drink has a flavor very similar to that of a frozen yogurt. In addition, fruit ice tea drinks are also best enjoyed during the hot summer months.

Other Delicious Varieties

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There are many other varieties of this drink. These variations are designed to suit all occasions and all lifestyles. It is important to try a few different varieties to see which one best fits your taste. This will ensure that you have a wonderful selection of drinks available to quench your thirst.

Cold Infusions:

Most ice tea drinks are typically created using sweetened tea leaves. These leaves are then combined with a base spirit of some sort. This mixture is poured into a mug that has a lid. Before serving, the lid is removed allowing the ice tea drinks to be consumed cold.

Caffeinated Tea:

Caffeine is added to ice tea drinks for the flavoring purposes. While not actually adding caffeine, these teas still provide a jolt of caffeine for those who prefer a stronger cup of tea. These beverages can still be enjoyed as regular ice tea drinks.

Mint Iced Tea:

Mint tea has also become quite popular. This tea is made by steeping mint leaves in cool water until the water turns into a syrup like consistency. Adding milk and sugar gives this tea its signature icy beverage treat. This ice tea drinks treat is best enjoyed at room temperature, however, it is also great cold.

Last Thoughts

Flavors such as licorice are quite popular among many people who enjoy drinking the beverage. There are various companies that create and market various flavors of ice tea drinks. Most of these flavors are fruit flavored. Some of the most popular ice teas are carrot, peach, strawberry, lemon, and mint. You can also choose from hot and cold versions of these flavors. With all of these choices, you are sure to find an ice tea flavor to satisfy your tastes.

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