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Different Types Of Green Tea You Should Explore For Your Better Health

different types of green tea

1 billion people are obese or are on the verge of becoming obese. The main reason being unhealthy food, which leads to accumulation of toxins in the body. Out of this population, more than half are adults. People are coming up with new ideas of detox, which can also be understood as cutting carbohydrates and fats which are unnecessary through external means. These means can be cardio workouts or as simple as health food. Different types of green tea today are considered to be one of the best food for health.

Different Types Of Green Tea

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Different types of green tea are basically made from leaves, particularly, the herbs which are beneficial to the body. The manufacturers aim at using the herbs that are useful in removing or cutting toxins in the body which helps in better digestion and in turn slimming down.

Organic teas come with different nutrition facts label. One has to be sure about what is the requirement of the individual. They are mainly suggested by the dieticians or are experimented by the individuals who are aiming at losing toxins.

Let us look at how organic teas detox your body.

Different Types Of Green Tea – Benefits of Organic Tea

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• Organic tea is made in such a way, that it directly makes a positive impact on the liver. The herbal tea contains herbs that are rich in certain types of nutrients that help in cleansing the liver of toxins and giving a better digestive system to the body. You may have heard, that after heavy consumption of alcohol, it is highly recommended that you drink 2 cups of organic tea to detox.

• When the toxins accumulate in the body, they tend to slow down the digestion process and thereby leading to a slower metabolism. Consuming organic tea removes toxins that accumulate, this increases the metabolic activity. Enhanced metabolic activity means faster digestion and no fats in the body.

• Organic teas are one of the best sources to boost your diet plans. Different types of green tea are 100% natural and more useful than the dieting pills and shakes. They are bound to give positive results are they are based on herbs.

There are so many benefits of consuming organic tea. To sum up, organic teas help in burning fat, increase metabolism, reduce bloating, rinsing toxins, suppressing hunger pangs, etc. All these lead to a healthy life and well-being.

Uses – Stress Management

Had a rough week of disasters and mishaps? Give yourself a break and curl in a cozy blanket with a warm cup of decaffeinated green tea and a good book. Decaffeinated green tea contains an amino acid which brings down the level of cortisol (hormone that regulates stress).So we suggest all the university students to relax in with tea in their quarantine time.


The wonders of tea are known to all. More than half of the global population consumes tea as a beverage on daily basis. The black, green, oolong and tea with milk are widely consumed. Be it the stressful stage of drastic changes in life or the beautiful stage of adorning a new life tea gives you all the necessary nutrition you need.

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