Boba Tea Drinks- Ways To Make It - Boba Tea Drinks- Ways To Make It -

Boba Tea Drinks- Ways To Make It

boba tea drinks

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to be able to make your own boba tea at home? The boba tea or bubble tea is very amazing to taste, but the price will be pocket burning when you get them in the market. You can now make the best bubble tea at home, and there are amazing ingredients to make boba tea drinks. Do not worry, even if you are a beginner- make them at home now and appeal to your guests.


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Boba tea is an amazing tea drink that can refresh you in the summer season. It has very cute tapioca balls in the end, which you can scoop out using a spoon. The sweetened tea has a lot of milk, and you can make the perfect texture according to your convenience. You can use the flavors like strawberry and honeydew. If you desire to, you can also check out some of the natural flavors like honeydew and taro. It is one of the best Asian dishes that you should try, and you will definitely enjoy it.

Tea That You Can Use-Boba Tea Drinks

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Always try the tea, which has a smooth and robust flavor, and any strong tea will work for that sort. You can also try equal parts of Ceylon tea leaves and Assam tea. Now coming to the Tapioca pearls, you should be able to cook them within a span of an hour. It is always good to slow cook the pearls, and you can always get them on Amazon. Quick-cooking tapioca is easy to make, but the slow-cooked ones are tastier. Mae sure that they have retained their soft texture, and you should drain the hot water and put them apart. This will make sure that the pearls do not stick together at all.

Milk To Be Used

If you ask, we would say that using whole milk is a lot better because it makes the texture creamier. If you want, you can also try it with heavy cream. But if you are lactose intolerant, you can also try dairy-free ones, like almond and soya milk. The taste might feel funny at first, but then there is no way it will feel bad on the tongue.

In case you want to use a sweetener, you can use honey or maple syrup if you are against sugar. The tea is hot, so the syrup or honey will dissolve without any problems. The bubble tea will give out an amazing taste, and you can use as much as 2 tbsp of honey.

Directions-Boba Tea Drinks

Try steeping the tea for at least one or two days to bring out the perfect flavor. The tapioca pearls will have to cook for at least one hour so that it does not harden quickly. There are various flavors of tea for various kinds of drinks that you might want to make- so try them at home.


Boba tea is quite refreshing, indifferent to how you make it. It can also be a good drink at a party, and your guests will appreciate it a lot.

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