Best 3 Naturally Sweet Tea Types That are Good for Your Health - Best 3 Naturally Sweet Tea Types That are Good for Your Health -

Best 3 Naturally Sweet Tea Types That are Good for Your Health

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If you prefer a little sweet on your tea but do not want to succumb to the lure of artificial sugar, then you should know that there are some teas that are sweeter than any other. There are some flowers and herbs that can make you a sweet cup of tea. It is not mandatory to use sugar to have sweet tea.

Natural sweetness can come from a variety of sources like sweet tea leaves, steviol glycosides in Stevia, glycyrrhizin in Licorice Root, or just as an aftertaste of a bitter cup of tea. The possibilities are countless, but here we have enlisted the best three kinds of sweet tea that will leave you craving for more.


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In the world, one of the most versatile tisanes is Rooibos or African Red Bush.

The tea can be used as powdered in various recipes along with making a latte or, you can just drink it like regular hot or cold tea.

The tea has no caffeine and zero bitterness and the natural sweetness goes well with honey and spice. Therefore, Rooibos is the fundamental ingredient of many aromatic and fun tea blends.

There is also scientific proof that dictates the Rooibos may help in receding the speed of aging.

The tea is good for your digestive system as well as it has antioxidants and antimutagenic properties.

Children can drink this tea too because it is without any caffeine.

If you are looking for mild sweetness along with herbal flavor, then Rooibos is the perfect tea for you.


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There are different kinds of Chamomile tea, but all those types of tea are not similar.

Chamomile nurses in some nations like Croatia, Germany, India, and even in Egypt.

If you want authentic Chamomile tea, then look for the deep yellow color and a subtle sweet flavor.

Chamomile tea is drunk for several hundred years as a remedy to treat insomnia and it also decreases inflammation.

Anyone who is looking for mildly sweetened tea can have a cup of Chamomile tea any day.

Licorice Root

If you have a sweet tooth that craves the extra sweetness but want to escape the guilt, then Licorice root is the right ingredient for you because it’s like brewing the sweetest candy in a hot cup of tea.

You can enjoy this sweetest herb on this earth as it is or, you can mix it with other herbs too.

The antimicrobial and antiviral properties of the tea are used to treat Hepatitis C, sore throat, upset stomach, and inflammation.

However, you have to be cautious with the amount as it is extremely sweet and a high dose can cause high blood pressure.


If you have severe health issues then you should consult your physician first before you start having any of the herbs. You should always read the ingredients first before consuming it. These three types of tea are all safe to use but, if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, then please be alert and read the ingredients first.

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