Amazing Lemon Tea Nutrition Facts – Lemon Tea Benefits

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Lemon tea is a simple, tasty, and refreshing beverage that you can easily make at home. Depending on your preferences, you can just make lemon tea with new lemons or mix lemon with different ingredients like regular tea. Whichever recipe you pick, lemon might add various benefits—combine them to suit your requirements. For instance, high caffeine black tea is extraordinary for morning tea time, and with added lemon, it might offer more advantages. Lemon and black tea are not just western traditions. There are unique Chinese tea sorts that are made by adding tea leaves into an entire lemon or tangerine peel. However, here are some lemon tea nutrition facts that you should know about it. 

Lemon Tea Nutrition Facts

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Lemon tea not only tastes good but also has a lot of health benefits. Today, I’ll discuss those facts here.  

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity

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Ascorbic acid, or in other words – Vitamin C, may help boost the immune system. In fact, Vitamin C is one of the most popular, well-known, and essential micronutrients. However, it may help lower the risk of infections and protect against environmental oxidative stress and decrease inflammation. But it’s not only the Vitamin C that’s responsible for boosting the immune system. Flavonoids in lemon may help to protect against free radicals and decrease the risk of many diseases.

Antibacterial activity

One research showed that drinking lemon tea might give better antibacterial activity against some bacteria – even more beneficial than drinking black tea or pure green tea.

Anti-aging properties

Lemons may be one of the delicious and most readily available anti-aging foods. Vitamin C is a prevalent ingredient in different skincare products – especially anti-aging and brightening. But, according to the studies, lemons may also help with premature skin aging by increasing collagen content and reducing wrinkle formation.

Anticancer Activity

According to the study, black tea combined with lemon peel may offer better anticancer activity compared to black tea only.

Regulating High Blood Sugar

Both lemon juice and lemon peel may benefit people with a higher risk of diabetes or those already diagnosed. For example, some research found that lemon peel may help lower high blood sugar. Furthermore, citric acid in lemon juice may help prevent some complications related to type 2 diabetes.

Mental Health

Studies showed that citruses might help reduce the chances of developing mental illnesses. In addition, they may improve anxiety and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Daily intake of lemons combined with walking may have a good effect on blood pressure and help in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Digestive System Facts

In the morning, drinking luke-warm water with the lemon first thing is a well-loved routine by many people. It may help cleanse the digestive tract, help in digestion and help with weight loss. Studies showed that to get the most of this routine, drink lemon water first thing in the morning and avoid caffeine or caffeinated tea.

Soothing Sore Throat Or Cough

Studies showed that drinking lemon together with honey might help reduce cough and improve the quality of your sleep.

These are some of the most important lemon tea nutrition facts. Each and every fact is very important, and you should know it.

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