Amazing Health Goodness Of White Tea That Will Surprise You - Amazing Health Goodness Of White Tea That Will Surprise You -

Amazing Health Goodness Of White Tea That Will Surprise You

benefits of white tea

After a tiring and prolonged day, don’t we all need just to relax and enjoy a sip of hot tea? Whether it is black or other kinds of flavored tea, the simple thing is that having our favorite drink uplifts our mood and refreshes our body, does not it?

Nonetheless, did you know there is a numerous kind of tea that can hold the healthy benefits and you can bring it by every morning? Yes, I’m talking about white tea. Presently, everyone knows the amazing benefits of white tea, and its nourishing goodness is getting popular all over the world.

Thus, why should we use white tea? Why is white tea different from other tea? Scroll down to know more.

What Is White Tea?

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According to scientific research, white tea comes from the sun-dried buds and its leaves, Camellia sinensis. This kind is processed out of all different variations. Meanwhile, it is packed with nutrients goodness; white tea is considered great for all other teas.

Is White Tea Good For You?

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Absolutely, white tea is very beneficial for your health in different ways. To helping in diabetes treatment and helping in weight loss, white tea is helpful in several aspects. These include improving oral health, energy, and alertness, enhancing memory, keeping the heart healthy, maintain reproductive health, reducing inflammation, helping treat cancer, treating acne, hair health, and improving skin.

Types Of White Tea

Well, knowing about the varieties and kind of tea help you choose the best tea for you. Keep reading to know about the best kinds of white tea.

Bai Mu Dan (White Peony)

Gong Mei (Tribute Eyebrow)

White Puerh Tea

Bai Mu Dan (White Peony)

Bai Mun Dan includes the center needle of the plant’s sprout and new leaves as well. While it is highly used as the cheaper alternative of silver needle white tea, you might wonder that white tea lovers widely prefer this tea as of its lower cost and amazing flavor.

During your brewing, you will be able to feel the unique aroma that will make you feel fresh and light-hearted. White peony is popular for its fruity taste and golden/pale green color that is grassy flavors devoid.

Gong Mei (Tribute Eyebrow)

Gong mei is usually taken to be another top preference amongst tea lovers. This is more processed than others. It comes from small white (Xiao Bai) tress containing young leaves that have no buds and are slightly bent.

This kind of white tea has a full flavor and a dark golden color.

White Puerh Tea

White Puerh tea is grown in China, and its pluck time is spring. Moreover, its harvesting is completely done by hand. This is popular for its sweet and rich taste as well as its wonderful aroma.

Other Types Of White Teas

As we discussed above, there are so many kinds of white tea that are grown all over the earth. Let’s have a look.

Ceylon White

Darjeeling White

Assam White

African White

So, these all are the variety of white tea that you can use as per your choice and taste. White tea is filled with healthy goodness, so you can also use it for several health reasons.

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