All Types Of Tea - Everything A Tea Lover Must Explore For Now - All Types Of Tea - Everything A Tea Lover Must Explore For Now -

All Types Of Tea – Everything A Tea Lover Must Explore For Now

all types of tea

All types of tea is known to be a great natural and effective way to detox the body and rid itself of any toxins or chemicals. They serve a multitude of benefits and the types of tea available for tea lovers all over the world to relish and enjoy are endless, so here’s a list of all types of tea, at least a few that we’ve rounded up and they are as follows.

All Types Of Tea – Green Tea

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Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages in the world with numerous health benefits including improved brain function and reduces inflammation since it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It’s known to lower the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Another significant benefit of drinking green tea is that it helps with weight loss since it boosts one’s metabolic rate and thus helps reduce body fat, especially in the abdominal area. Green tea is known to keep the body feeling light and refreshed and can be consumed either in the day, right before one’s workout routine, or even in the night and can be consumed either hot or cold according to the individual’s preference.

Black Tea

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Black tea has a high amount of theaflavins that helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and is known to serve similar benefits as that of green tea and both are even made from the same tea leaves but the main difference between the two is that while black tea is oxidized, green tea is not. Black tea’s caffeine levels are also higher than that of green tea. Black tea is also recommended to curb obesity and manage weight better. Black tea is usually considered a great alternative to coffee for frequent coffee drinkers who are looking to switch out their favorite beverage for something that’s comparatively healthier.

All Types Of Tea – Bubble Tea

Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea is now loved by everyone worldwide and has become a popular drink especially among the youth of today. Bubble tea is basically milk tea, flavored if preferred, with the inclusion of tapioca pearls, also known as balls or boba, which make up for the name of the drink. These pearls are super chewy and complement the tea well. However, drinking bubble tea frequently can be a questionable decision since it’s high in calories and refined sugar since one cup of bubble tea is known to contain an approximate of 335 calories and hence, it is not advisable for those with diabetes to consume this drink.


Consuming tea is more than just for the taste as it brings health benefits if you can find out which one contributes to your activeness for the day. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you’re not addicted to drinking tea considering it could also become a difficulty later. Also, make sure you find the right brands. Drinking tea every day is known to have a lasting and positive impact on one’s health and almost has no downside so what are you still waiting for?

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